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Young Photographers

© Felicia Betz

The FINE ART Gallery in Traismauer, Austria, presents works by eight emerging photographers – the showcase continues until October 28, 2022.

With its 5th YOUNG PHOTOGRAPHERS EXHIBITION, the FINE ART Gallery in Traismauer, Austria, once again provides a platform for emerging artists who responded to the venue’s open call. The group exhibition comprises serial and conceptual works that present the audience with progressive and innovative approaches – opening up new perspectives of familiar subjects as well as visual narratives about different ways of life.

The featured photographers are Felicia Betz, Sebastian Fröhlich, Mia Hader, Valerie Oberreiter, Selin Schierl, Alexander Ungersböck, Valerie Maria Voithofer and Vincent Wechselberger.

For more details visit Fine Art Gallery

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