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“On this day, I was biking around down town with my camera hanging around my neck, taking pictures as I passed people on the sidewalk and on the road. This particular ice cream truck caught my eye and I slowed down. From a distance, I could see this kid walking towards to me while I was stopped in front of the ice cream truck.

I always do my best to predict situations before they happen, and this was one of them: I was just hoping that he and this truck would meet in one frame, and that he wasn’t going to turn sooner. In order to not have him glance at me, I raised my camera just as he passed the truck. There were many people walking back and forth on the sidewalk but I specifically wanted him in the frame, and waited for him patiently. The colour of his hair and of the truck obviously complement each other very well. What I love the most is that his hair resembles ice-cream in a cone. It’s the magical absurdity I love in everyday life.”

Text and image: © Dzesika Devic

Equipment: Leica M6 with Summicron-M 35 f/2 Asph.

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