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The exhibition immerses itself in scenarios that reveal the reality of migratory crises.

This proposal follows the line of promoting contemporary art in state museums, as well as the visibility of the work of women artists today.

The National Museum and Research Center of Altamira, a state museum managed by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, has joined for the first year the exhibition proposals of PHotoESPAÑA Santander and Cantabria with the exhibition From the waterby Eva Michael.

In the exhibition, which can be visited until November 6, the artist Eva Miquel pays her particular tribute "to the solemnity of the landscape through its powerful waters". With a poetic gaze, similar to that of the romantic painters, she "immerses herself in dreamlike scenarios that reveal the bloody reality of a current tragedy: the migratory crisis."

The title of the exhibition, From the water, reveals the leading role that the sea has in this exhibition. In fact, it invades everything, “as if it wanted to extend beyond the limits of the support, leaving in the distance a few references, trees, mountains and buildings, which represent symbols of the agonizing search for a north, for a horizon to which cling in the midst of the tide."

Eva Miquel captures in her graphite pencil drawings "a combination of sensations where aesthetic delight and inexplicable restlessness are mixed using a complex creative process that begins in photography." In this way, she manages to transform the conventional aesthetics of graphite pencil drawing into a fully contemporary look.

In addition, the artist experiments with other supports and formats, intervening with color in light boxes, turning the photograph into a three-dimensional object. Thus, "with a poetic and disturbing gaze, a simple and classic language, photographic settings and endless textures, she places the viewer within the landscape, placing him in her own experience and positioning him as the protagonist of the moment." And it is that, one of the main objectives of Eva Miquel is to move the viewer through an emotional landscape, an identity landscape, as the artist herself has declared.

Visibility of women artists The Altamira Museum joins PHotoESPAÑA on this occasion and endorses the objective of making the work of women artists visible. With the Eva Miquel exhibition, it also continues to develop her line of work to promote contemporary art, in tune with the network of state museums managed by the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

Also in this edition of the photography festival, exhibitions have been presented in two other museums of the state network, the Cerralbo Museum and the Museum of Romanticism in Madrid. This opportunity has made it possible to rescue the work of two artists such as Tina Modotti and Germaine Krull.

Eve Michael Eva Miquel (Barcelona, ​​1970) graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. She has participated in fairs such as Artissima (Turin), Estampa and ARCO (Madrid) or SWAB (Barcelona), where she was distinguished with Acquisition Awards. Her work has been exhibited in individual and collective exhibitions, such as 'Liquid Landscapes' (La Pedrera Espai Kreatiu, Subirats, Barcelona). She has obtained recognitions such as the Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation scholarship, the Casa de Velázquez scholarship, the residency scholarship in Vienna or the Prize from the Spanish Association of Art Critics.

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