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From September 24 to October 23 2022 the 13th edition of the Festival della Fotografia Etica will take place in Lodi (Italy).

Once again, the Lombardy city, with its roughly 47 000 inhabitants, will be illuminated by the power of photography. In 2022, 80 international photographers have been invited to tell their stories in 20 different exhibitions, hosted in a wide variety of locations around Lodi. As in former years, the festival’s main feature remains the prestigious World Report Award: the theme for 2022 is ‘Documenting Humanity’.

© Felipe Fittipaldi, World Report Award 2022

A jury selected the respective winners of the five categories included in the competition: Master, Spotlight, Single Shot, Short Story and Student. Among them was the German photographer Valentin Goppel, whose project, ‘Between the Years’, followed and documented young people during the times of the Corona pandemic. Goppel is also a finalist of the 2022 LOBA.

His series, as well as the other winning projects, will appear in a joint exhibition on display at the Palazzo Barni. Other themes given space during the festival reflect further facets of the medium, including photojournalism – as exemplified by Agence France-Presse –, and the use of photography by non-profit organizations. The festival puts a focus on highlighting social and ethical issues, creating an opportunity for them to be better understood through photography.

For further information please visit Festival della Fotografia Etica

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