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The Rosegallery in Santa Monica, California, presents the exhibition ‘Down by the Hudson’ with works by Caleb Stein, open from September 10 to October 29, 2022.

With his independent project ‘Down by the Hudson’, Caleb Stein shares an ode to Poughkeepsie, a small town in upstate New York where he lived for five years. During this time, the artist went on frequent walks through his adopted home town, experiencing and absorbing the rhythms of provincial life in America. He also became familiar with the everyday struggles of its inhabitants, which – as in so many small towns across the US – include problems such as a stark rise in unemployment, political division and a lack of opportunity. For those living in Poughkeepsie, the town’s watering hole represents a neutral, communal area – a sanctuary from the turbulences of daily life, and a place of relaxation available to all.

Caleb Stein was born in London, UK, and now lives in the US. As a multi-media artist, he ponders topics such as the fragility of memory, or the influence of US-American culture on the rest of the world. His work has been presented in galleries and at festivals across Europe, Asia and the US.

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