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The major retrospective on CHARLOTTE MARCH (1929–2005) at the Falckenberg Collection focuses on the previously little-known works of this photographer from Hamburg, who is renowned for her fashion and advertising photos. Charlotte March’s estate, which belongs to the Falckenberg Collection, forms the basis for a rediscovery of this photographer, who worked for magazines such as Brigitte, Stern, Elle, Vogue Italia, Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, and Twen. Her 1977 book Mann, oh Mann: Ein Vorschlag zur Emanzipation des attraktiven Mannes was widely discussed, since it was the first to explicitly show a female view of the male body.

With some 300 works, the exhibition offers an overview of all the artist's creative phases, from her early documentary photographs in Hamburg in the 1950s to photographs from her visits to the island of Ischia, which was still untouched by mass tourism at the time, to later international fashion and advertising commissions.

Marie Knopka in Swimwear, 1964, Black and White Photography, 30 x 30 cm © Charlotte March, Deichtorhallen Hamburg/Sammlung Falckenberg

King’s Road, London, 1972, later published in an article of Stern, Black & White Photography, Baryt, 24 x 31 cm © Charlotte March, Deichtorhallen Hamburg/Sammlung Falckenberg

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