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Exchange and Return

The high certified quality of the products and / or services we offer and the excellence of the processes we create to serve you are part of our company's work to fulfill its mission of fully satisfying customers.

It turns out that failures, unforeseen events and other factors beyond our control can occur and should not harm our relationship, which will always be based on transparency and respect for the Consumer Protection Code. Always aiming for a good relationship with customers, an Exchange Policy was created, based on the Consumer Protection Code, to regulate procedures and assistance, with the sole objective of assisting and streamlining the interests of customers in the following cases:

1. Disagreement with the order;

2. Dissatisfaction with the product (withdrawal).

Always pay attention to the description of the product you want to buy to avoid  any problems in making your purchase. We clarify that our products are sent to customers exactly as they are delivered by the manufacturers, without any testing or modification by our company.

Disagreement with the order:

If you receive a different product than the one you purchased, you must contact our Customer Service by calling + 55 11 2594-6762 or by sending an e-mail to to request to return a product, informing the divergence and its intention, then the company will determine the form of shipment to be carried out by the customer.

If no problem is found at the time you receive the product, you will have a period of 07 (seven) days to complain about any defect detected in the product, according to article 26, item II of the Consumer Protection Code. In the event that the product is unavailable on the site when you want to return it, the company will have 30 (thirty) calendar days, counting from the date of receipt of the product at our Logistics Center to solve the problem.

After that deadline, the company will make the following options available to the client:

• Replacement of the product with a similar product in perfect conditions of use;
• Proportional reduction of the price when purchasing another product.


Product return will only take place after we receive and analyze the item. If the product has signs of use, the company will not replace it.

Product dissatisfaction:

If you receive the product and choose to give up on  your purchase, you can return the product and, consequently, choose a new one  from those offered by the company, as long as it happens within the period provided for in article 49 of the Consumer Protection Code.

You must contact our Service Center by phone at +551 11 2594-6762 or by e-mail  ( no later than 07 (seven) consecutive days, counted from the moment you receive  the product . Once this period has passed, any request or complaint will be immediately disregarded by the company.

A product can only be returned if it is in its original packaging (without any damage) with all accessories and its  manual. If any irregularity is found, the company is exempt from accepting the return and will resend the product to you, without any prior consultation.

Once  we confirm that you received the product and there is a possibility of returning it, you will be able to choose another product offered by the company and the proportional reduction of the price will be made when purchasing another product.

The company does not reverse the amounts paid.

The company commits to responding to requests made  by e-mail ( within a maximum period of 48 (forty-eight) hours and to complete the analysis of requests for  return in up to 15 (fifteen) calendar days.

A product can only be returned in its original packaging, with accessories and warranty certificate. The original protective packaging must not be damaged and / or unusable.

The product cannot have any indication of use, if the reason for the return is one of the cases mentioned in item 1.

The exchange will only take effect after receiving and analyzing the returned product. If any difference is found, such as the absence of discrepancy between the product purchased and the product delivered, evidence of misuse or the absence of manuals / accessories, the company will be exempt from accepting the return and will resend the product to you without prior consultation.

For greater security, make sure at the time of delivery that the product is the same as the product purchased and compare the invoice with the packaging details. A product will only be returned if its receipt is confirmed and after it is verified that the delivery procedure was correct.


If the payment method chosen was the bank slip, and the payment has not yet been made, the order will be automatically canceled after its due date, without any cost to the customer.

If the order has been placed with another form of payment, it is necessary to wait for confirmation of payment.

To request a cancellation, please contact one of our service channels, informed on the Service Center homepage.

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