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About us

Carcará Photo Art has a commitment and a goal.

It made he commitment to stimulate, promote and value photographic art in its multiple technologies and supports. Its objective is to increase the number of people, professionals or amateurs, committed to transforming the act of photographing into a moment of aesthetic creation, so that the result is a conscious action of the subject who photographs and provides time for contemplating a work of art for the viewer.

For this to happen, a commercial project is indispensable.

Thus, Carcará Photo Art proposes to:

-   Commercialize "fine art" photographs, photographic services, books and courses;

-   Promote exhibitions, lectures, seminars and workshops;

- Hold special events to gather professional and amateur photographers, gallery owners, teachers, journalists, specialists in fine art printing, and getting them in touch with an interested audience in photographic art.

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