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Author     Felipe Beltrame
Name     Felipe Beltrame
Publishing house     Carcara, São Paulo, Brasil
Printing house     Ipsis, Santo André, SP, Brasil
Printing equipment     Digital HP Indigo 10000
Book block size     18x24 cm
Cover cardboard     Papelão 15 1420 g
Cover lining     Linho Preto
Dust jacket     Francesa Eurobilk 170 g
Endpapers     Popset Preta 150 g
Number of pages     72
Paper     Eurobulk Fosco 150 g
Signature     Sewn
Cover printing process     Serigraphy
ISBN     978-85-93286-26-1
Year     2018
Text     Fernando Rios
Design     Marcelo Pallotta
Assistant     Katharina Pinheiro
Translation     Bruna Fontes

Reproduction of the originals

Image processing 
Software     Photoshop
Typography     Bulo light

Felipe Beltrame

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