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Purchasing Policy

The Carcara Photo Art website offers its visitors the convenience to  purchase products through its online store; just fill out the form register at Carcara Photo Art or use other means  of identification available.

To complete an order, the visitor must be duly authenticated, as requested by the system, using their   access account or any  other allowed mean.

When selecting the desired products and / or services, the user must add them to their  virtual cart. As soon as you are satisfied, proceed with the finalization of your order, indicating the place of delivery and making the corresponding payment.

After completing the order and indicating your payment method, it  will be processed for approval or cancellation. If it is approved, produtcs  will be delivered aacording  to  the chosen kind of  delivery.

An  order can be canceled if any of the following occurs:

• Failure to pay the slip  or insufficient balance or credit on the card;
• Inconsistency in the data provided by the customer;
• Error in order  due to defects or flaws in the
customer's device;
• Quantity of products or sequence of purchases that denote resale
instead of individual consumption;
• Reasons that make fulfillment of the request impossible, due to the breach
of trust or use in bad faith.

If there is a price divergence between the ads displayed on the pages of products and the one on the order completion page, this last one will prevail.

Products and / or services can be purchased at the online store Carcara Photo Art through one of the payment methods offered by the website when the virtual cart is closed.

As soon as the user completes the order, it will go through the necessary  stages ,  and it is possible to check its progress on the website at My Orders.

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