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The deadline for delivery of products and / or services changes according to the delivery location requested by the customer, the chosen payment method and the  availability of the product in our stocks;


Delivery times are:

Up to 10 working days after confirmation of payment (valid for São Paulo state).

Up to 15 working days after confirmation of payment ( valid for Brazil's other states).  After completing the payment, the bank will send its confirmation to us in up to 2 (two) business days and soon after your order will be released for delivery  according to the deadline informed on the website. To obtain your receipt, print the page or check your bank statement. The entire payment transaction is made in a totally safe environment. For security reasons, this kind of payment cannot be used on orders placed by the telesales department.

Delivery delay:

Delay in your delivery can happen if:


  • There is inconsistent data in your registration;

  • When confirming the registration data, there are difficulties in contact;

  • There is no responsible person at the place of delivery;

  • Merchandise refused by third parties;

  • Natural causes such as rain, accidents, among others, take place.

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